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About Us


In June 2010, El Centro was born out of the kindness of concerned residents who gathered to discuss the needs of the growing Latino population in the Chippewa Valley area of North Central Wisconsin. The conversations that followed focused on the need for connection and communication among Latino residents in the area. Many more joined the conversation in the following year alone, and El Centro swelled to welcome 120 volunteers. These volunteers focused their attention on forming connections with many Latino American cultures in the Chippewa Valley, and later made priorities in raising awareness, creating safe communications, and helping families connect with resources.

In October 2010, El Centro held a cultural festival featuring Latin music, dancers, soccer, food and games. The organization then hosted a panel discussion about safe transportation for immigrants within Wisconsin communities. In 2011, El Centro focused on assisting families with health care and family-focused resources.  In 2012, El Centro focused on organizational development. With the support of our partners, we created a new logo and website. We also became an official non-profit. Then in September we were granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

What We Do

El Centro has been devoted to the Chippewa Valley Latino community since 2010 and has made its primary goal to assist residents in any way they can. The mission of El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley is to create a safe and inclusive community of diverse cultures through education, celebration and collaboration.

Our Goals:

  • Meeting the needs of families
  • Policy Issues
  • Translation Assistance
  • Community Celebrations

El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley is a unique integration of ethnic and cultural diversity expressed through education, celebration and collaboration. Our community affiliates include: public health, schools, universities, banks, legal firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community members. Through our continuous collaboration, new community connections are being built between mainstream agencies and the Latino community.

Who We Are

Our Board of Directors in 2011

El Centro Board Group Photo

Our Board of Directors in 2015


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